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03 March 2009 @ 04:47 pm
Alright well i know i said i was gonna update often. That was a lie. Jena is doing a good job making about 4.34 entries a day. but you should all be pumped this is my 3rd one since coming back and thats saying something!

so not much has gone on since the last time. im slowly starting to feel better! i just have to blow my nose every 3 seconds now.

So this weekend was fun. It was my roomate jeffs bday so on friday night we went out to LULUs to dance cause he wanted us all to do that. so a group of about 12-15 of us went out. it was fun,  saw alot of ppl i havent seen in awhile which was cool. we left early again cause some of our group got kicked out due to fighting or some bullshit like that. we came back and hung out on the apartment for awhile then i went ot bed.

saturday started like any normal saturday except there were abunch of ppl sleeping in my living room. Paige was coming up to visit! :) it was State Patty's Day but its a stupid bar holiday so we didnt really celebrate. She came and we immediately went to Q-Dubs for some baby burritos. then we went to go to get some milk at the market and stumbled across a jewlery store that happened to sell troll beads. Paige has one of these troll braclets so we were browsing and she bought a bead. then we came back to the apartment and snuggled pretty much the rest of the night. then my roomate and his friends came back and threw alittle makeshift party so we had some drinks and went to bed.

Paige had to leave early on sunday so after she left I cleaned up alittle bit and spent the rest of the evening in the library writing some stupid 5 article review for my research methods class.

So paige is coming up tomorrow yet again! shes staying over and on thursday after classes she is taking me home!! wooo Spring Break! i dont work a whole heck of alot so if anyone is in town and wants to hang out, let me kno!

i also get a new cell phone over this break and am very excited! my 2 years is up. so far ive had 4 different phones and am going on my 5th but im not sure what one i want yet. im thinking about the dare, but i dont know if i can abandon my keys for all touch screen. or maybe the envy 2 or maybe ill splurge and get a blackberry storm... yea right. oh well decisions decisions! ill let u know what i decide on im sure!

time to go nap and then do some work tonight!

until next time LJ!
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26 February 2009 @ 07:53 pm
So this is my second entry since coming back!

as you all know i havent been feeling well. Last night I had a terrible sleep. I went to bed around 1230am like usual and popped in my headphones, like usual. Usually i drift off to sleep about 10 minutes later, but last night was different. It took me almost two hours to sleep. And than when i finally did get to sleep, i kept waking up every 2 hours not being able to breathe and had dried up snot all over my face... gross i know! my legs were so restless i couldnt get back to sleep for awhile. than i woke up at around 7 and my mouth was so dry so i went and got some water and layed back in bed, but then my alarm went off and i had to go to the health center.

So i go outside and this morning was just an odd morning. maybe its just because i never get outside at 8am anymore haha =P so i hop on the blue loop and get dropped off by the health center, go and check in and wait. im sitting in the waiting room and out of nowhere i see jeff smith. for those of you who dont know, jeff was a student teacher for the band when i was a junior. i was going to say hey but at the moment i couldnt remember his name worth my life! so he left and i didnt say hi.

then i got called in to the examination room and the whole appt was a waste of my time. i got a print out of what to do for a common cold and told to go buy some sudafed.

i went to class after that like usual, and it just dragged on this morning. i came home for lunch, inwhich i had a subway club on wheat! yum! then off to my last class of the day and ive been at the apartment relaxin all night. thursdays are my last day of the week so i get to sleep in tomorrow! suckers!

The next week needs to hurry up cause i want it to be spring break! i need a break from this place! i get a whole week starting next thursday night o if ur in town let me know we'll hang out!

for the rest of the night ill probably just hang out and than go to the gym with my roomate jeff to get big =p

alright time to quit!

until next time LJ!
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25 February 2009 @ 03:38 pm
Well hello to whomever is still out there in the Livejournal world! It has been nearly two years since my last entry! Alot has chaged in my life in those two years that for damn sure!

I was at PSU Shenango, but now im at University Park and I only really have about a semester left before i graduate!
I have a loving girlfriend, Paige and am madly in love with her! =D
My lifelong love of a job, Carmike, was bought out, so I dont work there anymore =(
I work at aero now

hrmmm i cant think of anything off the top of my head but im sure there is more!

So paige was reading my old entries a few days ago and that brought to my attention that I still had one of these! I cant go back and look at the old old entries quite yet, its sad actually cause i miss those times so much. everything was so much more simple back then, and now we have so much reponsiblility and quite frankly it sucks! Then somehow jena also started talking about LJ again too and she even started writing in it again. So i figured id give it another try. I get bored often so maybe, just maybe, ill write in here every once in awhile! we'll see

So for the past week or so ive been not feeling too well. It started with a sore throat then worked its way to head congestion and now i have a killer cough and i can breathe out of my nose! It sucks but i have an appointment at the health center tomorrow morning. it really does suck, but ill get over it. than paige comes to visit on saturday and the week after that is my spring break! i plan on workin alot and visiting with some old friends! hopefully spring break will last forever and i wont have to come back to school. I dont mind living here that much but the school work really blows!

alright well i think im gonna go take a nap cause i feel shitty!

hopefully someone reads this still!

Until next time LJ world!
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26 February 2007 @ 03:40 pm

Number 23... i suggest you see it

next looking forward to film...


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24 February 2007 @ 10:37 pm
Why hello there...

its been quite sometime. september of 2006 when i reported on the passing of the Croc Hunter. well, alot has happened between then and now, February of 2007. where to start

So i had decided to take the fall semester off from schooling to do some work and figure somethings out. it was good. I worked 3 jobs and got back into thinking about school. Worked at -
1) Carmike Cinemas... yup still there 4+ years later
2) The Wave
3) Mouse Trap Co. yup... i made mousetraps... i know, that rocks!

i made some good money for a couple months. saved most of it for future schooling stuff. speaking of schooling. i recently started back up downtown (i know i said id never go downtown) which isnt that bad. sure it's small, but it does what it intends... learns ya good. thats all i pretty much do now adays. work and learn. 
I made another change in major as well... Criminal Justice. i dont know exactly where i want to go with that, but its a start. i can only go downtown for this semester and courses in the summer cause after that i can no longer take courses major related down there. ill have to transfer up to University Park which is in the works as we speak. might be roomin with perna and more if we can get em, the more the merrier. and cheaper ;)

So whatelse...

Since the begining of the summer ive been involved in acouple relationships. i will not go into detail, but right now let me take the time to publically (whoever reads this anymore) to officially announce my being on the market again.. haha its open season.

Alright, is saturday night. i have nothing to do. i worked all day so now im just relaxin, got bored and remembered i had one of these! so here ya go. i promise to start writing alittle more often than twice a year.. haha.. maybe 4 times a year now =p nah i miss the old days of LJ, so why not relive them in one way shape or form eh?

until next time
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04 September 2006 @ 04:24 pm
Today the world lost a great great man..

Steve Irwin The Croc Hunter was killed doing the thing he loved today.

While swimming with a school of deadly stingray, he was struck in the chest with a poison barbed tail that put a hole through his heart...

This is the perfect time to wage a war that can no longer just be set aside. All stingray must be destroyed, killed, butchered, eaten. We can no longer put stingray in our zoos for people to pet and see. They are not gentle creatures, They are vicious killing machines!
If not for you, do it for steve!

RIP Steve Irwin
01 June 2006 @ 11:15 pm
So it's been awhile once again...

i just thought id throw a quick update out there in LJ land...

so here goes...

I'm happy... like real happy... it's awesome =D

that is all for now =p

PS what makes me even happier... the pirates are kickin ass!
04 May 2006 @ 10:24 am
So it's been awhile...

school is just about finished up, today is my last day of class, then a week of finals and the summer comes and everyone comes home and many parties will be had.

last night i went to the high school band concert. i was surprised it was that good without me.. hahaha just kidding guys! you all did a great job. and props to my man corey for getting the louis armstrong award!

i realized something when i was there.. i miss it. not the school thing, but the playing thing. and i dont just mean playing for the heck of it. i mean playing in an organised band for lots of people. hopefully that thing goes through with erb for me to play in a summer jazz band thing. who knows.

after the concert i went down to dannys with a few ppl just to hang out. the food used to be so much better.. im was totally bummed out about my cajun fries not being cajun-y enough.. i stayed down there with brendan til the pirtes game was over then came home.

when i came home i found my grandma asleep in the office..or atleast i think so... i mean the door was shut and the pull out bed was out... it was just kinda weird. oh well

so i woke up this morning to the rustling noise of a grandma in the other room. got ready and cam to my last day of classes.

on the trip here i was traveling via rt 82. i was in the left lane and a truck was directly beside me in the right. all of the sudden a squirrel came running out in the road. both vehicles going 60+ mph that varmant didnt stand a chance. i can finally see why so many animals die on the road... they hesitate. if the squirrel would have kept running in a straight line it would have made it across. but it ran half way turned around saw me, and decided to go right back to the semi.
when i looked in my rearview mirror, the animal was bouncing off the pavement like a flattened basketball. sucks to be that squirrel

ive hit animals before. so far ive had...
a squirrel
a bird
a rabbit

the squirrel was just dumb

the bird was awesome. i was driving to work one day and a bird was pecking at some roadkill. i figured it would just fly away but it didnt. all of the sudden i see an explosion of feathers. once i got to work i saw the remains of bird on the front grill of the car. that was in the blue cavalier.

the rabbit was kinda sad. i was heading back from a night on cardinal drive and was driving down trout island. it was about 2am. out of nowhere a rabbit runs in the road. i try to slow down but it was too late. it made it past my front tires, but then i felt a thud. i stopped the car and put it in reverse, to see if it were actually dead or not. keep in mind its pitch black, so by the light of my reverse lights i could see nothing. as i inched farther up i noticed something... it was snowing... but its was in the middle of the summer. it just happened to be snowing rabbit fur. i drove off in horror.

okay enough about dead animals.

when i come home today i think im gonna go golfing
then going to the new palace sheetz to check it out and settle a little score.
then go get some blizzard hard ice cream from DQ courtesy of bethany angott
then take a picture of the sign that says "the best position is on your knees"

such an exciting life i lead.

well i ran out of things to type about, lucky you

until next time
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19 April 2006 @ 12:27 pm
So i was reading my "The Onion Weekly Dispatch" today and stumbled across an article that struck me as funny... even though it is suppose to.

Compliment Of Pants Sounds Suspiciously Like Intent To Steal Them

AUSTIN, TX—The praise leveled at the tweed pants currently worn by record-store clerk Anton Eklund's by longtime friend Bernard Woelters sounds suspiciously like an overture to larcenous action, Eklund said Monday. "Those are really, really nice pants. How do they fasten, exactly? Where would you keep pants like that—in a closet, a dresser, hanging on a peg?" Woelters is reported to have asked Eklund at a party over the weekend. "Pretty wide cuffs on them too, I see. Can they be yanked off over your shoes without being damaged?" Though Eklund has no concrete proof that the pants are at risk, he is considering purchasing a more secure belt.


then this morning i woke up, like i usually do, and checked my cell phone, like i usually do.. i was expecting to receive the same blank screen like always, because who calls in the middle of the night? well to my surprise, i had a voicemail. the number to it was restricted tho.. so i listen with great curiosity.. the message was simple, this is what it said.

"Whatever happened to Emilia Earhart?" (sung in a sort of tune)

i was astonished... who would leave such an odd message?
was it that strange arab man who left me two messages a long time ago? no, it was an accented voice..
and it doesnt sound familiar either...
noone in their right mind just calls at 2am to say that unless their drunk.. and it was a tuesday night/wednesday morning... hmmm i am oddly perplexed.

if anyone has any information regarding this, please let me know.
it will be greatly appreciated..
i want to respond to the mistery caller and say
"I Don't Know"
that's it... just three simple words

btw, i was doing some research last night and corey ward brought to my attention a show that was awesome a long time ago.. Sifl and Olly... so now i am in search for episodes of this show.. and the dvd's can no longer be purchased because MTV holds the rights to Sifl and Olly and will not release the DVDs any longer... boooo!

okay, time for class

11 April 2006 @ 11:44 am
Okay, so im really bored right now seeing how my walking class... walked away? i don't know, i go there and noone is around. no class cancellation or anything... oh well

so im sitting here in the library and am bored as fuck!
so i decide to type some of my friends names in google and see what comes up.. so here are a couple that struck my fancy...

Confronting Police Brutality in Atlanta
by Jonathon S. Wright

Shattered glass lies in piles in a vacant parking lot in Atlanta's trendy Buckhead district. Much of this glass can be traced to automobile break-ins, as late-night revelers sacrifice security for a free parking space. On July 14, however, the life of 18-year-old Corey Ward was ended prematurely in a different shower of glass, after an undercover Atlanta police officer shot and killed him.

Jackie Miller..



Item number: 6270372264
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Starting bid: US $5.99 

Sara Yoder

Sara Yoder is a Program Associate at MCC's United Nations Office in New York City. 
MCC stands for Mennonite Central Committee 

Steve Perna

Steve Perna is the vice president and generalmanager of PMC-Sierra's Microprocessor Products Division. Previously he was the vice president and generalmanager of the Communication Products Division for six years at PMC and successfully established the Company's leadership position in the semiconductor networking industry. In February 1995, he joined PMC-Sierra as vice president ofmarketing and business development. Previously, Mr. Pernawas employed for 15 years at Texas Instrumentswhere he held several positions in operations, engineering andmarketing. In addition to other responsibilities, he was the productmanager for Texas Instruments' ATM and SONET/SDH product business.

Ashely Rice
Ashley Rice as "Arwen Undomiel" from Lord of the Rings

Member: Ashley Rice
Character: Arwen Undomiel
Series: Lord of the Rings

Debuted: ComicCon 2003
Status: Completed

Sam Bowser


That should be good for now. i successfully wasted a good half hour doing that. now i can go to my next class

i hope everyone enjoyed this, and if you didn't make the cut, that's because you name is boring and you didnt have anything fun to put on

i also stummbled across a website for the musical Anything Goes that i didn't know even existed... only you play ppl will understand
i was in awe

well im out
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